SPN Packages & Schedule Booklet Pick-Up

SPN Packages & Schedule Booklet Pick-Up

Let’s hope that the weather cooperates and we can finally cut the ribbon on the 2019 Season. This Sunday, teams will need to pick up both their SPN Packages and their League Schedule Booklets.

Your SPN package will include a scorebook and 2019 Rule Book. Tammy will be at the complex before the start of the first games at 9:30 am with your packages. They will be labeled with your team’s name on it. If you are unable to touch base with Tammy to pick up your pack, the remaining packages will be left under the Pavilion. Please collect your package before the end of the day.

A member of your team will also need to pick up your 2019 Schedule Booklets. Each team gets a pack of booklets which will contain enough for your entire roster. Please see a member of the Executive to pick up your schedules.

Executive members will be at the complex throughout the day.

Scott– 9:30 am (I will try to come around to each diamond)

Tammy– 2:00 pm on Diamond 5 & 8:00 pm on Diamond 4

Melanie & Amanda– 3:30 and 5:00 pm on Diamond 5

Scott– 5:00 pm on Diamond 2 & 8:00 pm on Diamond 5, I will also be available at the complex during the 6:30 games.


When you receive your Booklets please ask your team members to refold their to look like the image on the left. The Printing Company made a mistake when folding them. Thank you for your help.

Please post on the appropriate Facebook Posts to confirm that you receive all of your required information.

If you have any additional questions please contact a member of the Executive via Facebook or the Contact form on this site. Thank you and good luck!



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