Pricing will be set for the most part based on the size and complexity of the project. For something like a simple logo or business card the cost will be much less when compared to a more complex logo, poster, or a much larger project like a program or brochure.Each project will be discussed on a case by case situation. As always my goal is meet your needs and that includes making your request financially viable.

Completion time will depend on my schedule and what other projects I am currently working on at the time. If you have an absolute deadline that you need to meet I will do everything possible to ensure the completion of your project within the required time allotment.

The primary method of payment will be through Paypal, but even if you don’t have an account you can use a credit card to complete your transaction. If paying online doesn’t work for then we can discuss an alternative method of payment.

In the end my goal is to provide you with a product that meets your design needs at a reasonable price. Let’s see what we can make happen.

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