MVPizza Weekly Award Nominations

MVPizza Weekly Award Nominations

Each week teams will be tasked with nominating their weekly MVPizza. This player can be nominated based on their on-field performance, dedication to the team, great team spirit, or any other criteria that the Team Reps and team members decided upon.

Your nominations should be submitted by the end of Monday to avoid missing the draw. The weekly winners will be announced once the nomination window has closed. The winners can make arrangements to pick up their prize during the week or on the following Sunday. Winners will be posted on the League’s Facebook Page.

Each winner will receive 2-large pizzas from one of our sponsors.

Thank you to Mikey’s Pizzeria, Pizza Tonite, and Domino’s Pizza on Elm for providing the delicious prizes!

MVPizza Winners

Week WinnersWeek Winners
D1 & D2: Mike Turcotte (Game On)
D3 & D4: Cole Boersma (The Fireballs) 
D5 & D6: Tara Cameron (Beer Ballers) 
  • D1 & D2: Jodie Luscombe (One Hit Wonders) 
  • D3 & D4: Renee O’Connor (The Jokers) 
  • D5 & D6: Sarah Parsons (Off In Right Field) 
D1 & D2: Kris Proctor (Game On)
D3 & D4: Justyn Powers (B.P. Ballers)
D5 & D6: Hunter Chappell (Wanna Bat) 
  • D1 & D2: Sean Hammermeister (Dirt & Diamonds) 
  • D3 & D4: Ryan Snowsell (Pancake Batters) 
  • D5 & D6: Joe VandenBerg (The Offspring) 
D1 & D2: Kathy Spiering (Ice cold pitchers)
D3 & D4: Kyle Dilks (Pitches Ain’t Hit)
D5 & D6: Sheldon Speers (Misfits)
  • D1 & D2: Tyson Doxtator (Los Amigos)
  • D3 & D4: Kevin Sharpe (Pitch Please)
  • D5 & D6: Mason Dawdy (Bat News Bears)
D1 & D2: Amber Preszcator (New Wave)
D3 & D4: Kevin Boldt (The Fireballs) 
D5 & D6: Brodie Walker (Bat News Bears)
  • D1 & D2: Melanie Taylor (New Wave)
  • D3 & D4: Dev Ferguson (Rebels)
  • D5 & D6: Jenna Ford (You Miss You Drink)
D1 & D2: Tony Taylor (New Wave)
D3 & D4: Shelby Salisbury (The Fireballs)
D5 & D6: Emma Dicker (McGlovin)
  • D1 & D2: Stacie Sproul (One Hit Wonders)
  • D3 & D4: Steph Caski (The O’s)
  • D5 & D6: Connor Toogood (Glo-Balls)
D1 & D2: Rob Wakefield (Pirates)
D3 & D4: Ryan Jeffries (Scared Hitless)
D5 & D6: Becka Thede (Beer Ballers)
  • D1 & D2: Pam Sachs (One Hit Wonders)
  • D3 & D4: Mike Wall (The Jokers)
  • D5 & D6: Shaun Beaumier (Diamond Cutters)
D1 & D2: Johnny Rice (Dirt & Diamonds)
D3 & D4: Jamie Braun (Rebels)
D5 & D6: Cari Wilson (Offspring)
  • D1 & D2: Shandel Bourgeois (Brokebat Mountain)
  • D3 & D4: Khrishawna Roy (Pitch Please)
  • D5 & D6: Jamie Ogg (You Miss You Drink)
D1 & D2: Krista Bevan (Back Alley Brew Crew)
D3 & D4: Rhonda Verhoeven (Standard Auto Glass SOP) 
D5 & D6: Angela King (Diamond Cutters)