Championship Weekend Tournament- Scoreboards

Championship Weekend Tournament- Scoreboards

Starting with the Mid-Season Classic Tournament, portable flip scoreboards will be utilized as the official scoring mechanism for all tournament games. Both recently and in previous seasons there have been issues with scoring discrepancies. Mistakes happen, but they can still be quite frustrating and potentially alter the outcome of a game if not rectified.

The intention of the scoreboards is to help alleviate these type of issues by both making the score visible to both sides and encouraging the quick (in the moment) resolution of potential scoring errors.

While both teams will still have their traditional scorekeeper/ scorebook, at the end of each half inning the team that batted will be required to send a representative over to adjust the score accordingly.

  • The scoreboard will be located on a table directly behind the backstop of each diamond.
  • Home & Guest (Away) teams are clearly marked and should be used for each team once the coin flip has been completed.
    • Do not base your scoring side on what side of the diamond you are located on.
  • The Away Team will be asked to update ONLY their score after the completion of their at-bat.
    • If no runs are recorded, no scoring update is required.
  • The Home Team will be asked to update ONLY their score and THE INNING after the completion of their at-bat.
    • If no runs are scored, the Home team is still required to update the inning (Period) marker.
  • Please use a representative from your team to update your score: player, scorekeeper, or trustworthy fan.
  • SCORING DISCREPANCY: When updating your score, please look at your opponent’s posted score and confirm it with YOUR scorekeeper when you return to your bench.
    • If the scores match and are correct- fantastic.
    • If there is a discrepancy in the scores, DO NOT UPDATE YOUR OPPONENTS’ SCORE.
    • The scorekeepers need to get together immediately to address the issue and correct the total.
    • Please determined where the scoring issue occurred and attempted to figure out the correct score.
      • If needed, the Umpire can be consulted regarding a recent scoring scenario (last out/ force play).
    • Once a correct score has been determined, please update the scoreboard to reflect the change (if a change is required)
      • Both sides should take a moment to make sure the scoreboard reflects the agreed upon score.
    • If a score cannot be agreed upon, please find a member of the executive immediately.
    • If there is a scoring error upon the completion of a game, do not allow your players to leave the diamond/complex (either team).
    • A resolution will be made by the Executive member and either the score will be rendered as final or the game (if needed) will be continued.
      • If a scoring discrepancy occurs early in the game (ex. 2nd inning) but isn’t addressed until later in the game (ex. 5th inning) and a resolution cannot be reached by the teams- the Executive MAY rule against the team that failed to address the posted scoring error for allowing the game to continue under an incorrect score. Please double check that your opponent’s posted score matches your scorekeeper every time you update your score.
  • Upon completion of the game, leave the final score on the board. In the event, there is an issue or the Executive needs to update the tournament board this will be check.
    • The participants in the following game can zero-out the scores/inning once they are ready to play.

This approach will not completely eliminate the potential for mistakes, but the hope is that by immediately identifying and addressing a scoring error, it will help both sides to come to an agreed upon and accurate conclusion.

Additionally, by making the score/inning more visible, it will help spectators to follow along and enjoy the game.

Please be careful with the scoreboards, while they are new, they will be used a lot throughout the weekend and our hope is that they can be used for many years to come.

Any questions can be directed to the Executive.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

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