June 2nd: Rain Out Schedule | Week 4

June 2nd: Rain Out Schedule | Week 4

Here is the updated schedule for June 2nd, Week 4. We have added an additional 9 makeup games. Every team plays their originally scheduled game in addition to the new games that have been added.

Please double check and confirm in the Facebook Post comments that you have seen the updated schedule and game times if you are scheduled to play an extra game.

We are very limited with the open times we have left and don’t have the flexibility to accommodate time requests from each team.

Please see the full schedule below- click to enlarge. The online schedule will be updated soon. If you see any disparities in the schedule please contact the Executive immediately.

Please double check that your team is not booked to play two games at the same time and that if you are playing at two different locations, you should have at least 1 timeslot between games for travel. This schedule has been a work in progress and gone over several times, but mistakes do happen.

The remaining rain out games will be scheduled for Week 5.

Thank you to all of the teams for making accommodations to make the altered schedule work. Additionally, thank you to all of the Umpires that have agreed to cover our additional games.

Please be aware that the drastic changes in the schedule will result in some disparity in the standings with regard to games played. The plan is to have almost every team play 6 games by the Mid-Season tournament with just a few outstanding games remaining. The standings and Tournament rankings will be decided by Point Percentage. 

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Executive. Again, thank you for your cooperation and patience.


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