Division 2 Standings

1Ice Cold PitchersX20163133.825-239160793W8-2-08-1-1
2Slammin Bananas20155030.750329718311414W8-2-07-3-0
3One Hit Wonders20145129.7254235183525W7-2-17-3-0
4No Base Like Home20119022.55011258201571W5-5-06-4-0
5Brokebat Mountain20910119.47514196219-231T6-3-13-7-0
6Los Amigos20911018.45015180221-412L4-6-05-5-0
7Back Alley Brew Crew20810218.45015208194141T5-4-13-6-1
8Abusement Park20811117.42516152183-315L6-4-02-7-1
9Game On20515010.25023133218-851L2-7-02-8-0
M #- Magic Number (points to win division)
GP- Games Played
W- Wins
L- Losses
T- Ties
P- Points
PCT- Point Percentage
PB- Points Back of 1st Place
RS- Runs Scored
RA- Runs Against
DIFF- Run Differential
STRK- Current Streak
H- Home Record
A- Away Record
X- Division Title Clinched

Standings- % | P | W | L | DIF | H2H*
*upon completion of the season, head to head record will move ahead of Run differential (DIF) to determine standings.