2023 Division Predictions & Prognostications

2023 Division Predictions & Prognostications

The onset of a new Coed Slo-Pitch season brings with it the aspirations of success. For some teams they will look to defend their title, other clubs will attempt to return to past glory, and for the rest- 2023 stands as an opportunity to win it all for the very first time.

Predictions and prognostications prior to the start of a season can be a great deal of fun with no harm intended. If your team is listed below as a contender, the expectations are high. If your club is overlooked, make it your mission to prove me wrong and set about securing an MSC title, Regular Season Crown, or by winning it all at the 2023 City Championships this Fall.

With the continued league growth and addition of a new division, 37 of 56 teams will be playing in a new home this year. That means new opponents, new rivalries, and new opportunities to climb that mountain and reign supreme.

With all that said, let’s take a look at how each division COULD play out this year, starting with the aforementioned brand new out-of-the-box Division 6.

Division 6

2022 City Champions: N/A

The newest division on the block will be headlined by a 6-pack of D5 clubs. Debuting in 2012, the Diamond Cutters were the 2nd highest-finishing team of the 2022 D5 alumni and will be in contention for their first-ever League titles this year. The only team to finish above the Cutters were Beer Ballers, who have 2020 City Final experience to fall back on heading into this season. Similarly, Pitch Perfect and the Glo-Balls made runs during the 2020 D5 season that could see them return to contention as well. While the Oddballs found their greatest level of Tournament success last season, it was The Offspring that captured the D5 Mid-Season Classic Tier B title. Rounding out the division, McGlovin will look to build on their league debut in 2022, while SPC graduate Bat Reputations make their first showing in the Railway City and could upset the apple cart.

Top Contenders: Beer Ballers, Diamond Cutters, & The Offspring

Dark Horse: Bat Reputation

Division 5

2022 City Champions: Pitch Perfect

With Division 5 nearly gutted, only 2 clubs remain from last year. The MSC Champions and City Bronze Medalist Misfits have never won a City title- this could be their year. The Madness had a great first showing last season, falling to the Misfits in the City Consolation Game- they will also contend. Returning to the home of their 2017 City victory, Limitless Tattoos will try to turn back the clock and recapture their throne over a half-decade removed. It would be hard to overlook the additional Division 4 clubs, moving down to D5; Wanna Bats have finished in the final 3 in 11 different Tournaments including a 2016 D5 City triumph. You Miss You Drink had the most points of this cluster of D4 clubs while Off In Right Field impressed with wins over the Top 2 D4 Regular Season teams last season. Bat News Bears and Base Invaders make their league debuts with no expectations and a lot of potential to catch opponents by surprise.

Top Contenders: Misfits, Wanna Bats, Off In Right Field

Dark Horse: You Miss You Drink

Division 4

2022 City Champions: Mad Hatters

Division 4 is one of only two divisions to play host to their 2022 City Champions in the Mad Hatters. The Hatters pulled off a miraculous turnaround in the 2022 City tournament to rally to the title- their second consecutive trip to the Finals. They will look to do the same in what could be their D4 swan song. The O’s, who have a trio of City trophies- including the 2016 D4 City crown will pose a threat. So will the 2022 MSC B and City Championship Finalist I’d Hit That. Pitches Ain’t Hit’s near-perfect 2022 season makes them another legit contender in their new home, along with the youth back D5 finalist Minimum Wagers. Insanity is also back after their 2021 D4 Division City Championship win. In fact, in what could be considered the perfect Championship storm- by adding the Tailgators into the mix the last three D4 City Champions and 4 of the last 7 title winners will call this division home. The Jokers and B.P. Ballers have also been on the cusp of taking the next step. The Fireballs, The Sandlot, and Pitch Please will round out the group as League debutants.

Top Contenders: Mad Hatters, Pitches Ain’t Hit, The O’s, and Insanity

Dark Horse: Minimum Wagers & I’d Hit That

Division 3

2022 City Champions: Abusement Park

Another division experiencing a significant amount of turnover will be Division 3 as only 4 of 12 teams called D3 home last year. With the top teams gone, the door is open for either a return to glory or new shiny contenders to rise to the occasion. What’s old is new again, as the Rebels (2016 City Champs), Standard Auto Glass SOP (2018 City Finalists), and Jayhawks (2014 & 2019 Finalist) all look to build on previous divisional success. Perennial contenders Smash N Dash and Balled and Beautiful are back as the best of the remaining 2022 D3 clubs. Hit Squad and Bucks & Broads came up short in the D4 City tournament but will try to build on stellar seasons. Pound Town makes the move down from D2 and certainly will make noise in their new home. Scared Hitless earned the D3 MSC B title. While new, House of Broken Promises, The Pancake Batters, and Standard Auto Glass Honey Badgers all draw lineage to previous teams which will help them to hit the ground running.

Top Contenders: Standard Auto Glass SOP, Hit Squad, Bucks & Broads, & Smash N Dash

Dark Horse: Pound Town & Balled & Beautiful

Division 2

2022 City Champions: Dirt & Diamonds

A 50/50 split of new and old clubs highlights the tough road ahead for Division 2 contention. One Hit Wonders were Championship finalists a year ago and always find their way into the biggest games of the year. After claiming the D2 crown in 2021, Brokebat Mountain took a step back in 2022 taking home the Bronze medal. Game On (2019 Champs), R-Safety (2018 Finalists), and No Base Like Home (D3 2021 City Champs) will provide tough opposition from bell to bell. The Division 3 Champions Abusement Park will turn their attention to adding another title, while D3 Bronze Medalists Back Alley Brew Crew will also make the move up. A trio of newer teams will round out the group with Los Amigos moving over from SPC, Slammin Bananas rebranding and rebuilding from their Division 1 iteration, and Ice Cold Pitchers also sporting a new look for a veteran group of players.

Top Contenders: One Hit Wonders, Slammin Bananas, Ice Cold Pitchers, & Brokebat Mountain

Dark Horse: Abusement Park & Los Amigos

Division 1

2022 City Champions: New Wave

The smallest division could also prove the most difficult to win. New Wave finally broke through to win their first City Championship and will be focused on a 2023 title defence. The MSC and Regular Season winners, Red Sox, will be in hot pursuit of securing the Championship that got away. The Pirates are back for a 3rd season and have routinely shown the ability to beat any club they step on the field with. Moving back up to the top Division, the D2 City Champs Dirt & Diamonds are primed and ready to face top competition for the first time since 2019. Debuting in the league, WFK brings a balance of experience, talent, and unknown as a club that is set to upend the established clubs. Also making their first showing, GamedayLondon.com will provide the rest of the division with a similar challenge to WFK. The level of competition and parity continues to rise in the top Division, and 2023 stands to be no different.

Top Contenders: N/A

Dark Horse: N/A

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