2022 Coed End of Season Banquet

2022 Coed End of Season Banquet

2022 Coed Banquet Awards

As voted on my the league, these were the results of the awards from the Banquet.

Teams reps will be contacted in the next week to receive their $50 Home Run Sports Online Gift Certificate.

“Funnest Team To Play Against”

  • D1: New Wave
  • D2: Dirt & Diamonds
  • D3: McGlovin
  • D4: Taigators
  • D5: Misfits

Favourite Sponsored Team

  • Pound Town (I’ve Got Your Back 911)

Best Team Logo

  • Mad Hatters

Best Team Name:

  • I’d Hit That

Best Rookie Team:

  • The Offspring

Best Team Jersey:

  • The Oddballs

Favourite Umpire:

  • Paul Ruggeri

Complete Award Winners & Nominees


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