2020 City Championships

2020 City Championships

The St. Thomas Coed Slo-Pitch League City Championships and conclusion of the 2020 season is finally upon us as we head into the final weekend of September. Thank you to each and every team for both your efforts on and off the field to make this season possible. In a difficult time like this, it was nice to find some normalcy out on the diamond.

Congratulations to the 5 Regular Season Winners: New Wave (D1), The Outlaws (D2), The Athletics (D3), B.P. Ballers (D4), and I’d Hit That (D5)

Starting Friday night, teams will compete in the City Championships to determine the five Divisional Champions.

The City Championships are divided into two stages: Round Robin (3 games per team) and Single Elimination Playoffs.

Round Robin: Each team will play 3 games against the other 3 clubs in their divisions. The Round Robin will begin on Friday Night, continue through Saturday, with a single game on Sunday morning to finish the Round Robin. The Final Round Robin standings will determine the Semi-Final Playoff Matchups.

The Playoffs will feature 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 pairings in the Semi-Finals with the winners advancing to the Championship Game.

The full schedule is posted below with downloadable versions also available at the links listed.

Download: Tournament Schedule (Excel)

Download: Tournament Schedule (PDF)

(Click to enlarge)

5-Minute Clearing Periods

During the regular season, the schedule included 10-minute clearing periods. In order to maximize the schedule and allow for a full tournament format, the City approved a plan that used 5-minute clearing periods. This means that teams need to quickly exit the complex once their game is complete. Teams must also wait until the clearing period has begun before entering the complex. The By-Law officer will be on-site all weekend to issue warnings and fines.

Parking Lots

Teams must find alternative places to wait between games and must clear the parking lots upon the conclusion of their game. The By-Law officer will be on-site all weekend to issue warnings and fines.

Please continue to use the appropriate Parking Lots and Entrances for your diamonds. If you are playing back to back diamonds on different diamonds, you are not required to change parking lots.

Diamond 5 Parking- use the Fanshawe Parking Lot.

Maximum Population Numbers

Similar to the regular season, when only 2 games are taking place, each team is allowed to bring 20 total people to the ballpark. Please stay on your side of the diamond and under no circumstance are you allowed to cross over.

During the 3 scheduled time slots when 3 games are taking place (see the schedule or image below) each team is only allowed to bring 16 people. There are 2 exceptions to this rule. On Friday night the Strikers and on Saturday at 10:45 the Odd-Balls are allowed to bring 18 people to their game.

This is a difficult scenario to manage, but each team must do their part to adhere to the rules and make this work. Additional supporters can line the outside of the complex and watch from the outfield fence if required.

The By-Law officer will be on-site all weekend to issue warnings and fines. Your anticipated cooperation is appreciated.

Score Reporting

On Friday night, teams will be asked to report their final score on a Facebook Post. Please do so ASAP.

On Saturday and Sunday, a Team Representative will need to report the Final Score of their game to an Executive member at the tournament board prior to leaving the park. Additional Players are not to come over to the board to avoid over-populating the complex. Images of the updated Tournament Board will be posted on the Facebook page throughout the day.

Time Limits & Mercy Rules

Round Robin Games: 1:15, no inning after 1:05

Playoff Games: 1:30, no inning after 1:15

Mercy Rule; 10 runs after 5 inning- mandatory (not optional).

Umpire Payment

Each Team must pay the Umpire $13 cash prior to the start of their game.

Team Pictures

We ask that the Championship-Winning Team for each Division take a team picture and submit it to a member of the Executive upon the completion of the tournament.

Full Tournament Rules

Please download and review the full Tournament rules below.

Download: Tournament Format and Rules

Tournament History

Tournament/ Regular Season Results

Tournament Boards

Weather-based Cancellation

In the event, the entire Tournament or Playoff Sunday is canceled, the Executive will review all options which will include completing play at a later date.

Additional Questions

Any additional questions can be directed to the League Executive. Please keep in mind that the City and By-Law Officer require our League and League members to adhere to a strict COVID-19 protocol. As a result, we all must do our part to make this work

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