Following the conclusion of each Sunday and before the arrival of the next game day, the 2019 Weekly Power Rankings will highlight the successes of the various teams throughout our league. The rankings take into account a variety of stats and scenarios regardless of the divisional home of each team. The rankings are not a prediction of who would win in a head to head matchup nor are they exclusively ranked based on seasonal statistics. A hot streak or tournament success can launch a team on the cusp into contention while a series of setbacks could knock any club, even one in top spot in their division, from the ranks. Good luck!

REG. SEASON: 14-0-1
OVERALL: 22-2-1
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D5What a season for a group of players that didn't know each other prior to the first pitch of opening day! Pitches Ain't Hit compiled an undefeated Regular season record and tied for the fewest overall losses across the entire League.They finished on top of 1 of only 2 divisons to house four 20+ point teams. They also boasted the league-best +145 run differential, scoring an incredible 268 runs. At the City Championships, they found a measure of revenge. They turned the tables on the Misfist, earning a round robin and eventual Semi-finals victory. In the finals, they closed the show with a triumph over the #2 Minimum Wagers to be crowned the D5 City Champions. If the club stays together, Pitches will spend the offseason preparing for a step up in competition in 2023.1
REG. SEASON: 12-3-0
OVERALL: 21-5-1
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D3Abusement Park finished the Regular season in 3rd place, despite a pair of wins ove the top team. After their 2021 Division 4 City Finals run was cut short in the quarter-finals by the Jokers, Abusement Park set to work on the D3 City tournament to add to their D3 MSC title win back in June. After a 2-1 Saturday they ranked #1 in Group A despite a 1-run loss to Balled & Beautiful. On Elimination Sunday, they overcame D3 stalwarts The O's and league debutants Flipp'n Bats in the Quarters and Semis. Only fitting, the City finals came down to a battle with the Regular Season champ's Bat Attitudes. A back and forth affair was decided by a walk-off 18-17 win in the bottom of the 7th for A.P. resulting in their first City Championship. With a 35-7-1 2-year record, another Divisional promotion and new challenges lie ahead.2
REG. SEASON: 11-3-1
OVERALL: 18-8-1
D2Another first time title winner, Dirt & Diamonds broke through to claim the Division 2 City Championship. A strong regular season put the Diamonds in a position to threaten the Triple Crown title hopes of Fan of the Sport. If they were going to pull off the upset it would be on the strength of their league-wide #4 ranked offense. After a difficult 1-2 round robin, D&D entered the playoffs finishing 4th of the six Group A squads. The quarters opened with a win over 2021 D3 City Champs No Base Like Home to set up a showdown with Fan of the Sport in the Semi-finals. When the dust settled, the Diamonds had handed FOTS their first loss of the season and advanced to face 5-0 One Hit Wonders in the finals. With the City Title on the line, Dirt & Diamonds emerged as D2 Champions with yet another thunderous offensive output.NEW-
OVERALL: 19-8-0
D1With their 2-year run as the D1 Regular season champs ended and the MSC tournament finals collapse still fresh in their memory, New Wave entered the 2022 City Championships with something to prove. Unfortunately, history was not on their side. Starting with 2016 City Tournament, the Black and Orange squad had been to 5 City Finals and 8 Tournament finals overall, but yet to secure a title win. A 3-1 round robin, set them up for a narrow 4-3 victory over the Pirates in the semis. Under the lights, against the Regular Season and MSC winning Red Sox, New Wave finally secured their first Championshop victory with a strong 12-5 final score. New Wave is just the 5th team to win the D1 City title since 2013.NEW-
OVERALL: 16-10-1
D4If Cinderella came to the ball park, she was wearing a Mad Hatter's jersey. Losing the MSC B Tier finals and finishing outside of the D4 top 3- Mad Hatters were an afterthought. The D4 "Group of Death" featured regular season #2 and MSC finalists Buck N Broads, 2020 D5 City Champs I'd Hit That, and 2020 D4 and 2021 D5 City Champs Tailgators. With an 0-3 round robin, the Hatters headed to the Prelim round. A win over Off In Right Field rallied the Hatters to a massive upset over Triple Crown hopeful Hit Squad. The B.P. Ballers fell next in the semis. In an unexpected turn, the MSC Tier B finals was set for a rematch in the City Finals. I'd Hit That, who were on a similar storybook run, were the Hatter's 4th and final victory. The D4 City success avenged the Mad Hatter's 2021 finals defeat and added to their 2019 D5 City crown.NEW-
REG. SEASON: 14-0-1
OVERALL: 23-2-1
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D2In their best statistical season in their 10+ year team history, Fan of the Sport was the undisputed top D2 squad for nearly 4-months. At 14-0-1 and 6-points clear of #2 they finished the regular season tied for the largest division lead. Their +114 run differential was #2 of 50 teams. The MSC was no different, with a 3-0 round robin and wins over Dirt & Diamonds and One Hit Wonders to hoist the title. The City Championships started with a trio of wins and a quarter-final victory over Pound Town. Unfortunately, the 24-game undefeated streak ended in the Semis against Dirt & Diamonds which was followed by a Consolation loss to Brokebat Mountain. FOTS has won 3 D2 MSCs (2013, 2014, & 2022), but the City title continues to elude them. Regardless of the final weekend, their season was impressive.5
REG. SEASON: 13-2-0
OVERALL: 20-5-0
D3Bat Attitudes emerged victorious in the tightly contested D3 regular season race that saw 4 clubs finish within 2-points. Ending with an 8-game winning streak, B.A. edged out Abusement Park by a pair of points to finish on top of the West. Even closer, a 15-14 win in the final game of the Regular Season over East #1 Back Alley Brew Crew- clinched the entirety of the Divison. Looking to rebound from a tough loss in the MSC semi-finals, Bat Attitudes headed into the City tourney as a clear Tournament favourite. Despite an early loss to Scared Hitless, they grabbed the top spot in Group B at 2-1. A come-from-behind walk off win over Balled & Beautiful and semi-final win over Back Alley setup a finals against budding rivals Abusement Park. Despite opening up a 12-7 lead, Bat Attitudes were undone by a walk-off single in the bottom of the 7th to end a strong season.2
REG. SEASON: 12-4-0
OVERALL: 21-7-0
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D1One of three clubs that entered the weekend in contention to win a Triple Crown, Red Sox continued to build on a strong debut season. After edging out New Wave in a come-from-behind MSC Tournament final, they finished the season as the #1 team in Division 1. The MSC success appeared to rally the Sox as they pulled off multiple 2nd half wins over clubs that were previously ranked ahead of them in the standings.They ended the season as one of only three teams to avoid triple digit runs against. Entering the City Tournament, the Sox went 4-0 on Saturday and began the playoffs as the odds on favourite. A close 4-0 semi-final win over a plucky Train Wreck set the Sox up for a MSC final rematch with New Wave. While the Championship game didn't go as planned, the Red Sox composed a strong initial campaign in the best Coed division the area has to offer.-
REG. SEASON: 10-3-1
OVERALL: 17-5-1
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REG. SEASON: 11-4-0
OVERALL: 17-7-0
D4While the D4 MSC appeared to offer a preview of what was to come, it was not to be. Hit Squad bested Bucks N Broads in battle of the titans in the finals of the June tournament. The regular season continued as such, with the Bucks finishing #1 in the East and the Squad taking the West. While the Bucks finished with a 22-21 edge in points, Hit Squad played one less game and therefore had a better Point percentage. Everything appeared to be going to plan with both sides ending the Round Robin at 3-0 and ontop of their respective groups. Unfortunately, Elimination Sunday struck both sides much earlier then expected. In the quarter-finals, the Bucks were upended by Elgin's Backyard Burgers and Hit Squad fell to eventual Champions, Mad Hatters. It could be argued that the bye to the quarters caught both sides cold against victorious teams from the Prelim round. Nonetheless, both sides had great seasons.2/3

REG. SEASON: 12-2-1
OVERALL: 17-8-1

REG. SEASON: 9-5-1
OVERALL: 17-9-1

REG. SEASON: 9-6-0
OVERALL: 18-9-0
D5Rounding out our list are a trio of teams that came up a single win short of the ultimate goal. The Minimum Wagers finished #2 in the Regular season, and came out of the D5 Round Round in 3rd place after a 1-run loss to The Madness. Defeating the Diamond Cutters and Madness in the playoffs, they fell in the finals to Pitches Ain't Hit. This young squad has a lot to build on heading into 2023.

One Hit Wonders bucked the trend of sluggish round robins, and won 5-straight on route to the D2 City Finals. OHW won the 2018 MSC in their first year in the league. Since that success they have been subjected to a 2022 MSC finals loss and a trio of City Finals defeats in 2019, 2021, and now 2022. While they were unable to overcome Dirt & Diamonds, One Hit Wonders continue to showcases their squad as a consistant D2 top contender.

I'd Hit That was unable to add to their MSC B Tier Tournament title win- falling to the same club they bested back in June. All considered, this team put together a strong second half run. Prior to this season, I'd Hit That's had made just a single Tournament finals appearence- winning the D5 City title in 2020. Winning 3 of 4 games on Elimination Sunday is no easy accomplishment and sets IHT up for another run at the D4 title in 2023.




On the Cusp: Pirates, Brokebat Mountain, Back Alley Brew Crew, Balled & Beautiful, B.P. Ballers, Elgin's Backyard Burgers, Mad Hatters, The Madness, & Misfits.
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