2018 Power Rankings


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D4Moving into the top spot, I'd Hit That triumphed in a battle of top Division 4 clubs, with a 19-14 win over Sinner & A Saint (3-1-0). I'd Hit That is in the midst of compiling their 3rd consecutive top tier season. Dating back to 2019, they are a combined 22-4-0 in the regular season and are looking for the 3rd straight 1st place finished. It is worth noting that no team has ever won the D5 and D4 City Championships in consecutive seasons. IHT could change that in 2021. In Week 4, they battle #10 Insanity (3-1-0) who's roster is compiled of multiple former ITD members. First place and a lot of pride is on the line. 3
D1The only other perfect 4-0 club needed 2 wins last Sunday to remain on top. New Wave snapped a multi-game losing streak against Fan of the Sport before defeating the defending D1 Champs PopATop (3-1-0) 12-7. NW has not lost a regular season game since August 18th, 2019. Over their 6-year history, they carry a .750 regular season point percentage. Boasting a league best run differential, including the most runs scored- the Orange-side is finding success on both sides of the the ball. Up next, they rematch Fan of the Sport and get their first encounter with the Pirates.5
D5Debuting on our list and rounding out the undefeated ranks, Tailgators capped off a strong start to the season with a win over fellow Power Rankers, Diamond Cutters. After a pair of ties to open Week 1, the Gators have won back to back games against Glo-Balls and the aforementioned Cutters. They currently sit even in points for the top spot, but hold 2nd place based on win totals. When they return to action, The Oddballs and Pitch Perfect will welcome them, followed by a Week 5 pairing with the 3rd placed Misfits who they settled for a tie against in Week 1.NEW-
D2Three straight wins including an extra inning barn burner, have maneuvered Brokebat Mountain within striking distance of the Division 2 precipice. After dropping their season starter to Standard Auto Glass S.O.P., wins over R-Safety, Dirt & Diamonds, and Bat Attitudes followed. Most notably, Brokebat was unable to hold a 7th inning lead, but rallied in the bottom of the 8th to defeat D&D in walk off fashion. You want to talk big games? I've got big games for you! In Week 4, Brokebat battles D2 top seeded Athletics (3-1-0) before taking on another .750 club in One Hit Wonders (3-1-0). Can they emerge unscathed? We have to wait until Sunday to find out! NEW-
D3Another club riding the 3-win pony, No Base Like Home kicked the Division 3 door in and set the house on fire. A close loss to Back Alley Brew Crew has given way to wins over the #8 team on our list, The O's, along a pair of former undefeated Week #2 Power Ranking clubs Scared Hitless and Where My Pitches At?. With the strong rebound, the Homers find them selves deadlocked with The O's and Back Alley for top spot with a Week 8 rematch with BABC the only head to head involving the trio left. Despite the 3-game winning streak, Balled and Beautiful have won back to back games and sit just 2 points back prior to their Week 4 engagement with No Base Like Home.NEW-
D4The line is long and the drop is steep if you want to get on this ride. Abusement Park took on a pair of ranked clubs and bested them both in Week #3. An early morning defensive battle with Insanity (3-1-0) saw the fairgrounders emerge with a narrow 9-5 win. Up next, they were tasked with a rematch against the former #1 club on our list, who A.P. fell to in Week #2. Elgin's Backyard Burgers (3-1-0) succumbed to a massive offensive onslaught by Abusement Park, in a 17-4 thumping. Now embroiled in a 4-way tie for 2nd, chasing I'd Hit That, Abusement Park needs to avoid looking too far down the road to a Week 5 pairing with Sinner & A Saint (3-1-0) and a Week 6 showdown with the current division frontrunners. NEW-
D2While the streak might be over, the show must go on. The Athletics' impressive 15-game undefeated run to launch their St. Thomas campaign came to a hault last Sunday against the 2019 D2 Champs, Game On. Despite the loss, the A's were able to quickly start up another streak with a one-sided victory over Bat Attitudes. All things considered, the 2020 D3 champions will face a tall order next time they take the field. They will open with a lunch-time serving of veteran club Standard Auto Class S.O.P. before going on the road for a potential first-place showdown with the streaking Brokebat Mountain. Will the Athletics compile a new streak or face their first slump in the Railway City?2
D3How quickly we forget. Despite a 2020 that didn't go The O's way, the 2-time Division 3 Champions and overall 3-time City title winners are back on track. The O's split their Week 2 games, with a 1-run win over Smash & Dash (2-2-0) followed by a 1-run loss to No Base Like Home (3-1-0). Continuing their trend of closer games, the O's took home all 4-points last Sunday with victories over Back Alley Brew Crew (3-1-0) and Limitless Tattoos. As mentioned above, they currently sit in a 3-way tie atop the standings, but also must be wary of a quartet of clubs just 2-points off the pace. In Week 4, they will take on one of those clubs in Scared Hitless, in their 2nd game after a rematch of their 2019 D3 City title win against the Jayhawks. NEW-
D5While Sunday may have left them battered, bruised, and broken- the Diamond Cutters emerged from the battle still holding onto the top spot in Division 5. The Diamond Cutters' 2-0 start set them up for a big early match-up with the Tailgators (2-0-2). Despite their best efforts, the Cutters came up short against the Gators. In a quick turnaround, D.C. battled another top contender and secured a scrappy 7-6 win over the Misfits. On the strength of their 3-wins, they hold the tie breaker over the still undefeated Gators. The Diamond Cutters will have to deal with The Oddballs in their next outing before running it back with the Misfits. Can they maintain their hold on the top spot or will they be pulled down to the depths?3
D4Insanity dropped an early battle against Abusement Park (3-1-0), but rebounded to best B.P. Ballers (2-2-0). They find themselves in the 6-team parking lot that is top half of the Division 4 standings. That is a good start, but stats and standings will take a back seat in Week 4 when they meet #1 I'D Hit That. As already mentioned, these teams have had this game marked on their calendar for a good natured, fun, but ultimately 1st installment of a budding rivalry. The Diamond 1, 12:30 showcase is a game not to be missed in their only meeting of the season. The winner will hold bragging rights until a potential City Championship encounter, 2022 rematch, or for longer if one of these clubs earns a promotion for next season. Good luck to both sides. 0
D3Continuing our trend of 11 Top 10 teams, the Back Alley Brew Crew made it too difficult to boot them to the curb. By virtue of a superior run differential, 7-runs better than The O's- B.A.B.C currently hold the #1 seed in D3. With a Division best 62-runs scored, their offense has been the catalyst of their success. The 12-9 loss to the O's (3-1-0) brought them back to the pack, but a subsequent 11-run thrashing of the Jayhawks reaffirmed Back Alley as a front runner. They open Week 4 with an 8am matchup against the always dangerous Smash & Dash before a 9:30 engagement with the wounded Where My Pitches At? A pair of victories will keep them in the top end, but a pair of defeats could drop the clubs as low as 8th place. 1
On the Cusp: PopATop, One Hit Wonders, Balled & Beautiful, Sinner & A Saint, Elgin's Backyard Burgers, and Misfits.


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